brunettereads: Gilly Macmillan – The Perfect Girl

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After the weather was finally great again in mid-August in Germany and I was about to finish my thesis, I had some time left to read again. When I was doing my internship at the beginning of the year, I had to write a summary about The Perfect Girl by Gilly Macmillan and as I liked the story, I bought the book – and read it half a year later. Well… anyway, I was really looking forward to reading it, so what is it about?



Zoe went to prison three years ago. Now, she’s 18 and living a whole new life with her mom, her stepdad Chris and stepbrother Lucas. Zoe’s mom doesn’t want her new husband to know what happened to her daughter, so they never talk about it. But when Zoe and Lucas were giving a piano concert, a man storms into the church, accuses Zoe of being a murderer – 12 hours later, her mom is dead! And it turns out that Zoe isn’t the only one with a secret… But who killer her mother? Was it really Zoe? But why would she kill her? Or was it someone else?

Wow, what a great book! The story takes place within 24 hours, including some flashbacks to the past and why Zoe was in prison. Besides Zoe, her aunt Tessa, her former lawyer SamLucas and her mother tell the story. So we get to know several perspectives that make the book even more fascinating. I couldn’t stop reading! When I was about to finish the book, it was a bit unreal as it felt like we were still at the beginning of the story – I mean, Zoe’s mother just died and the next second, the book is finished (well, it’s not, but it feels that way). I think you get this feeling as the story takes place within just a couple of hours. I was thinking if there might be a sequel of the book as there was still no murderer detected quite close to the end or if we get to read the revelation quite soon and short. The last one was happening and the ending was a bit surprising. I won’t tell you who it was but in the end, justice wins 😉

Zoe’s family appears just to be happy on the outside. She realizes that her mom is a total different person since she’s with Chris. She’s also surprised when Lucas gives her his first script, wanting her desperately to read it. When she finally started doing so, he doesn’t want her to keep on reading anymore after the murder. Why? What’s in there, Zoe first should read and then not? The revelation is really, really sad and it draws attention on a very important topic.

The book is great, fascinating and sad. I think that the story about Sam, Zoe’s lawyer, was not important for the main story at all. Maybe just the parts he tells from the past, but I guess someone else could have told this as well. But despite that point, I really recommend you reading The Perfect Girl. It was definitely not the last book I’ve read by Gilly Macmillan!

Have you read the book? How do you like the story and the ending?