Laura Griffin – Unforgivable

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When I visit my parents, I usually bring a book with me. Just one, as I normally stay just for a weekend and I had to write my thesis these days.., Well, but then the weather was great, I didn’t write anything and I finished my book too early. Luckily, my sister had another book at home and I started reading Unforgivable by Laura Griffin. It’s a thriller and I was curious about the story as it sounded really good.



What a shock for Mia Voss!  When the forensic doctor got back to her car after buying some groceries, she was kidnapped by a stranger. She managed to escape but just a couple of days after the incident, her nephew disappears. Just a coincidence? Mia doesn’t think so. Ric Santos starts to investigate and Mia is doing an investigation on her own. Are the two attempts to hijack Mia and her nephew related to the murder she’s investigating at the moment? While the kidnapper is still free and in desperate need to find and kill Mia, her life is more than once in danger and she fully depends on Ric. Who is the kidnapper and what does he want? Can Ric save Mia’s life?

The book isn’t that bad per se, but the suspense is missing. It felt like the story focused more on the „relationship“ of Mia and Ric instead of the case. Although the beginning is so promising: We’re right in the middle of the story, Mia got kidnapped, you become sad and curious about what happened in the past between Mia and Ric and why they are not a couple. When their romance starts, the story starts to get boring: I was actually annoyed by it as the book just focused on it and Mia acted extremely in love and thought about marriage and having children after she and Ric has sex for the first time, while Ric just put his toothbrush in her house after one week of their „relationship“ (that hasn’t even been one until this time of the story) – and he didn’t bring his toothbrush because of her but he sleeps in her house for protecting her and finding the kidnapper. It’s also obvious that a woman wrote the book: It was the first time I’ve ever read in a novel or any other book that the female protagonist wonders if she’s too fat after she had have sex. Really? Do we really need that realistic books? It’s sad that woman actually think about it but I really don’t want to read about it in books when I want to forget reality for a moment. And I especially don’t want to read about it in a thriller where it’s about chasing murderers.

As I said, I missed the suspense, even though there are some thrilling moments. But most of the story was easy to foresee. The chapters were too long in my opinion and when something thrilling happened, it was at the end of a very long chapter and the next one was as long as the one before and I was usually too tired to keep on reading. So I just read the first page of the new chapter and then went to bed.

The actual story, besides the love story, is actually good and interesting but Laura Griffin failed to embellish it. Maybe the love story was too distracting. If there is a happy end in the end, if Ric can protect Mia, if they become a couple and if they catch the kidnapper – sorry, but you have to read the book, I won’t tell anything.

As you might think by now, I don’t really recommend reading Unforgivable. I don’t think I will read any book of Laura Griffin ever again, besides a love story 😉

Have you read the book and how do you like it? Or have you read other books of Laura Griffin?


brunettereads: Jane Austen – Pride And Prejudice

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The day has finally come: I finished my first English book in 2017! I never thought it would take me four month to do so as I already bought Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen last year. Most of the students who might read this might be surprised that I actually bought the book because I wanted to read it – voluntarily! So when we went to Cambridge into a nice little bookshop, I had to buy this beautiful issue of Pride and Prejudice. and I hoped that the story would be as nice as the cover!

Pride and Prejudice 2

The story is set in England during the 19th century. Mrs Bennet‘s goal is to get all of her five daughters married, especially the two eldest, Jane and Elizabeth – to wealthy men, of course! So thank God, there’s a dance where good-looking Mr Bingley is going to come to. He dances twice with Jane and she also feels attracted to him – perfect! In the meanwhile, Elizabeth gets to know Mr Darcy, Bingley’s best friend, but she doesn’t like him at all: He doesn’t bother to ask the girls to dance with him, just Elizabeth, and he barely talks to anyone. But as the relationship of Jane and Bingley evolves, Lizzy has to spend more time with Darcy and he actually tries to communicate with her, but she just doesn’t like him, probably even hates him. But then she meets Mr Wickham, a gentleman, and quite the contrary to Darcy – perfect, right? Will Jane and Bingley marry and Elizabeth be happy with Wickham?

I totally understand why so many people like both the book and the film! I like the story, even though you can guess the ending right at the beginning. But I didn’t mind, it actually made me curious how Jane Austen would evolve the story, so the ending will sound reasonable. There are some unexpected things happening and it’s just fun to read. Austen wrote the story in an easy and casual manner and it was even nice to read for me as a German. Even though I had to focus while reading and could not listen to music, of example. I usually never have this problem, not even with English books. But I have to admit that it felt a bit like reading a book for my English classes when I read half of the book and it wasn’t so much fun reading anymore, but the end of the book was quite nice – and reading fun again 😉

Elizabeth is an attractive woman and this is why all the men are attracted to her: Mr Darcy, Mr Wickham and Mr Collins, who is supposed to care of the Bennet’s when Mr Bennet will die one day. He wants to marry Elizabeth but she has to decline his offer as she doesn’t love him and she wants to marry someone she loves – something not so common these times. The best example is Mr Collins who marries Lizzy’s friend Charlotte a couple of days later. So Elizabeth is an exception and her sister Jane as well (and actually Bingley and Darcy, too).

Stolz und Vorurteil

Another reason why I liked the book besides the story and the cover are the beautiful drawings inside of it. I mean, just look at it! I also liked that some terms are explained by footnotes because we probably don’t know every game they played in the 19th century – and especially not when you’re not English like me. Some passages are even interpreted by literary scholars.

Pride and Prejudice is a classic everyone should have read – or at least watched the film 😉 I will certainly do this some day, too, as I want to know how the story was realized. Even though it just can be worse than the book and my imaginations I already made while reading 😉

Have you read Pride and Prejudice or seen the film? Do you like the story?