brunettemovie: Before I Fall

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Haven’t I told you recently that I don’t often go to the movies? Well, but if I’m interested in some movies, they all are in the cinemas at the same time. So I haven’t just seen Baywatch in June, but also Before I Fall which has been given an incredibly long title in German. But not only that the title is so, so long, in my opinion, it doesn’t fit at all to the story and as I read the book the film is based on in English, I didn’t connect the movie with the book. But luckily, my sister saw the trailer on Facebook and as it is not only one of my favorite books but also one of hers, we went a couple of day later to see the movie. Is it as good as the book?



Sam (Zoey Deutch) is one of the girls you always wanted to be in high school: she’s good-looking, popular, part of a girl’s group everyone wants to be in and has a boyfriend every girl wants to have. The only thing that is not perfect in her life is the relationship to her family, especially to her little sister who is so, so sweet, but Sam is annoyed by her every time. It’s February 12th, Cupid’s Day, and the little angles in school give roses to the students. Of course, Sam gets a lot. One of the roses is a special one: It looks beautiful and is from a (not so) secret admirer. Sam and her girls also think it’s funny to joke about Juliet (Elena Kampouris) and so they sent her a rose with a not so nice text. But then Juliet appears at a party that night, she and Lindsay (Halston Sage), one of Sam’s friends, have a big fight and the girls leave the party – and have an accident. The next morning, Sam wakes up, happy to be healthy and alive – and then she realizes that it’s February 12th again – and again and again…

To be honest, the story isn’t super exciting, but with every new day. you hope that Sam wakes up in hospital and not in her bed on Cupid’s Day. But this doesn’t happen. Sam spends the first day like the original one, wondering why everything is the same like in her „dream“. But when she wakes up on February 12th again the next day, she realizes the it isn’t a dream, that she might be in a coma and relive the same day all the time. After a couple of „days“, she realizes why they had the accident, gets to know some interesting thing about her friends and gets closer to her family and her admirer Kent (Logan Miller). Sam tries to prevent the accident to survive, but when this won’t be happening, she suddenly realizes what she has to do to stop reliving the same day again and again.

It was already nice to read the single days in the book, especially the day Sam spends with her sister and the story with Kent. It was the same in the movie and at the end, it was really hard not to cry. The end was a bit tough and you leave the cinema with a weird feeling. I can’t remember if the end is exactly the same as in the book, but if it is so, I never realized that it doesn’t make that much sense. It’s also a shame that my favorite scene from the book hadn’t been in the film because this was the first time Sam really seems to be likable.

Because Sam and her friends don’t seem likable at all, even a bit arrogant, especially Lindsay. The other girls are okay and even there is every reason to like Sam, it’s hard to do so. This changes within the days (day? within the repetitions?) but I have to admit I still didn’t like her that much at the end. I’m not sure if it is the character or actually Zoey Deutch, maybe they should have chosen someone else to play Sam. Zoey is too smooth, someone who would have given a little bit more personality to Sam would probably have been better.

But I liked the movie, even though I wouldn’t watch it again just to relaxe. You have to be in the right mood for it as it can be quite sad and disturbing at the end.

Have you seen Before I Fall? How did you like it? Have you read the book?