brunette’s to do-list 2017: Changes

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What a month! At the beginning of September, I spent a week in Croatia with my sisters. A day after we returned back home, I finally submitted my thesis and just three days later, I moved to a new town to start working. Since then, I spend my days being at work and my evenings unpacking boxes and decorating. As the building I moved in is brand new, there is still a lot to be done in my flat and I expect my landlord to call every day while I’m at work that he has to go into my flat and get things changed or fixed. Stressful days! But I really love my new flat. As you can tell, I was quite busy and I didn’t have much time to write articles for the blog or do any projects of my to do-list. As my real job is going to start on Monday, I’m not sure how regularly I will post in October, but we’ll see. But how did my projects go in September?

Doing Yoga three times a week (113/172):

Yoga was the last thing I was thinking about this month as I was so busy. I did it twice in September. Twice. This has to change in October! But as I did a lot of yoga before, I’m still in schedule, I think.

Being up to date on my series (10/14):

This works quite well. There’s always time to watch an episode 😉 Bones, How To Get Away With Murder and Criminal Minds air on German television, so I’m usually up to date. Not this week, though, as my sister is visiting me. I didn’t watch 13 Reasons Why and as the fourth season of The Blacklist is still not airing in German free tv, I couldn’t watch it either. I hope so much that Netflix will soon  offer the fourth season to watch.

Reading 8 books in Englisch (5/8):

I did that! And I did not only read one book but two in English! While I was in Croatia, I read Close Enough To Touch by Colleen Oakly. I liked it and read the book within three days. The second book was recommended by my friend: The Caller by Chris Carter. Wow, what a story! It’s really thrilling and it’s probably the first time I got sick by reading how someone is killed. I hope I can write the reviews of both book in October.

Well, That was my month! I didn’t post a recipe but I hope I will in October. The next month will be very exciting as I start my traineeship in an editorial office and by the end of October, I’m invited to the first wedding I’ll go to.

How was your September? What are you looking forward to in October?

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