brunette’s to do-list 2017: Too much to do.

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Long Time No See! I don’t know when I didn’t post on my blog for such a long time. When I wrote the thesis for my Bachelor’s degree, probably! And now I’m writing my Master thesis an just didn’t feel like writing blog posts after spending a whole day in front of my laptop. Furthermore, I was traveling a lot lately in Germany to meet my friends and family, so you get to read how well I did with my to do-list in July now in mid-August. Spoiler alert: It didn’t work out well at all.

Doing Yoga three times a week (101/172):

Doing yoga is working out well actually. I just have to do yoga once this week (which means tomorrow). But this is the only project that works out fine. Well, not really because it starts feeling like I „have“ to do yoga instead of doing it voluntarily. But I don’t feel like doing sports after a long day in front of my laptop (even though it would be good to do a workout) or when I’m not somewhere in Germany, I just want to spend my day doing nothing. I have to change that!

Being up to date on my series (9/13):

At the beginning of July, I watched so much episodes of Pretty Little Liars that I’m nearly finished. But then the „stress“ and traveling around started and I didn’t have time to keep on watching. Well, that’s not true es well because I would have had time if I didn’t start watching The Royals with my sister. We have just finished season 2 when Amazon Prime added the third season – what a timing! You really should start watching the series, it’s great! Furthermore, the third season of How To Get Away With Murder aired in German Free-TV. I just love this series!

2 Broke Girls, beendet/finished
Bones 12×1 (12×1, deutsch/German)
Criminal Minds 12×10 (12×10, German)
Friends, finished
Homeland 6×1 (6×1, German)
How To Get Away With Murder 3×6 (3×7, German)
Lovesick (2×4, no new season announced so far)
Modern Family 9×1 (9×1, english)
New Girl 7×1 (7×1, english)
Pretty Little Liars 7×15 (finished, english)
Suits 6×1 (6×1, German)
The Blacklist 4×1 (4×1, German)
The Royals 3×5 (4×1)

Reading 8 books in Englisch (3/8):

Posting 6 yummie recipes (2/6):

There is not happening anything in both projects. I don’t have any English book on my reading list and I had no time for cooking as well. But this will hopefully change in August!

This was my July and half of my August. I will hopefully finish my thesis next week completely, so my sister and my friend can proof-read it and then I’ll enjoy my free time until I’m going to start working in mid-September.

Do you watch The Royals? Do you like it?


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