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I usually don’t go to the movies so often as I think it’s too expensive, nobody wants to see the same films as I do or they don’t show any good movies at the moment. Well, but if there’s a new film with Zac Efron, I have to go, no matter how expensive or bad it will be. But there’s still the problem with no one wanting to got with me – until now! A friend of mine wanted to see Baywatch as well and when I visited her, we went really excited to the cinema (and bought the really expensive tickets) and were looking forward to see shirtless Zac Efron. We didn’t expect the movie to be great – but was it really that bad?



Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne Johnson) is the leader of the lifeguard-team „Baywatch“, his colleagues are C.J. (Kelly Rohrbach) and Steph (Ilfenesh Hadera). Every year, they choose a new member by letting the candidates do a competition and the best one gets the job. One of them is Matt Brody (Zac Efron), a former olympic champion, who was hired by the town council to improve the image of the bay and the team. Mitch isn’t excited at all about this, but he has to deal with it. Then he finds drugs on the beach, two people die in a mysterious way – and the team starts to investigate. All but Matt, who thinks the police should do the job. Will they solve the case together or will they break up as a team?

To be honest, the film wasn’t that bad! Actually, it was quite good. There are lots of funny situations they haven’t shown already in one of the four trailers (as this is usually the problem of many comedy films). Of course, there are a lot of clichés: the sexy lifeguard who is not very smart, the chubby guy who falls in love with the hot girl… But it actually fits into the movie and is not making it bad. The story is a Hollywood classic as well. This could be a point of criticism, but I liked it anyway. Just the crime story was a bit lame as you already know from the beginning who is the bad guy (well, girl), you just wonder how the team will solve the case. It probably would have been better to keep the suspect a secret but as Baywatch is a comedy and not a thriller, it was okay.

As the film is based on the series of the same name, David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson have a tiny role, too. When I read this before I watched the movie, I was curious what their part will be. As I’ve never watched the series, I didn’t know what characters they played – and I just read that Pamela Anderson was C.J. and Hasselhoff Mitch Buchannon. I mean – why do they have to play a role in the movie when Dwayne Jonson is Mitch and Kelly Rohrbach C.J.? Before I knew which roles they played in the series, I thought they integrated Hasselhoff quite good in the movie and Pamela Anderson not so well. Okay, her role didn’t fit in at all, it felt like the producers wanted her to be a part of the film, no matter what it takes.

Zac Efron is, of course, THE eye-catcher of the film – at least for me 😉 even though his muscles are a little bit too much. And then, there are the blonde highlights in his hair… Well, it looks good on Zac! 😉 Mitch calls Matt a lot of funny names, for example „Justin Bieber“, „*NSYNC“ or – the best one – „High School Musical“. Kelly Rohrbach is not only playing the role of the hot lifeguard, she IS the hot lifeguard. But I couldn’t take her serious as a competent person who knows how to save lives.

I liked the film and if you just want to relax, laugh and not think too much while watching, you should choose Baywatch as well! But I can’t tell you if it is as good as the series.

Have you watched Baywatch? How did you like it?


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